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Jan 01, 2013 -- 12:00am


WCBM 680 was at Turf Valley for the 2015 Preakness Balloon Launch! 









WCBM represented at the 2015 Towson Spring Festival



Eddie and Sean with Courtney at the MDA Muscle Walk! (4/11/15)



3,10,17,24,31 - Farmer's market - under JFX
6 - June 14 - Marley - Center Stage
7 - The Kids in the Hall - Lyric
7 - Lily Tomlin - Balto Hebrew
8,15,22,29 - Half price Friday Nights - Aquarium

10 - Prince - Royal Farms Arena
12-31 - Living Seashore - Aquarium
12-24 - Dirty Dancing - Hippodrome

14 - MICA Artwalk - Mt Royal Ave
15 - Black Eye Susan Stakes - Pimlico
16 - Preakness - Pimlico 
16-17 - Wine in the Woods - Symphony Woods
17 - Art Outside - Druid Hill Reservoir
18 - Hats & Horses - Grand Lodge Hunt Valley
23-24 -  Brew at the Zoo - Md Zoo
27-June 28 - Blithe Spirit - Everyman
29-31 - Tribute to John Williams - Meyerhoff
31 - George Thorogood - Pier Six




      Looking for a movie?  The following is a list of films to consider, and that doesn't mean, by the way, I am recommending them.  Let's begin with what will no doubt be one of the biggest hits of the summer, Avengers Age of Ultron.
     At 250 million dollars one would hope there is something to see here.  And if you're a fan of this series I guess there is.  Our Marvel Comics heroes are gathered together to fight Ultron.  There are plenty of special effects and action so for that group, the film succeeds.  Rated PG-13.
     We go to The Longest Ride, the story of the bull riding circuit with a love affair thrown in.  Set in North Carolina we have the story of a bull rider (Scott Eastwood, Clint's son) and a college student.  Two separate worlds brought together under unlikely circumstances.  Rated PG-13.
     Then there's The Age of Adaline, the story of a 29 year old women who is involved in a car accident and from that day on never ages.  The story is told via narration and I liked it.  I thought is was rather sweet and seems to be appealing to a younger female audience.  Rated PG-13.
     The film True Story is indeed based on a true story.  The story of a man charged with murdering his family and a journalist who becomes obsessed with his case.  The stars are Jonah Hill and James Franco. Reviews were mixed but it kept my attention.  Rated R.
     Finally, the best film I've seen so far this year, Women in Gold, based on a true story of a painting by that name that was stolen from an Austrian family by the Nazis.  Helen Mirren is the family member trying to bring it back to the states.  She is assisted by attorney Ryan Reynolds.  It is worth your time.  Rated PG-13.    




 Perched on the top of a hill overlooking the town of Hershey Pennsylvania is the magnificent Hotel Hershey.  Completed in 1933 and based on a design by

Milton Hershey this hotel is worth a visit.  An overnight would be a good idea, but since Hershey is only about a hour and 45 minutes from the city, it is

definitely okay for a daytrip.  There is plenty to do regardless of the season.  In the summer you of course can take advantage of the outside pool (hotel

guests only), a putting course, a stroll through the Formal Gardens, a stroll through Hershey Gardens, tennis, basketball, horseshoes, shuffleboard and Zoo America,

adjacent to the park with over 200 North American animals.

     Dining options include The Circular, Trevi 5, Cocoa Beanery, the pool café and Harvest.  Circular, and it is circular, at least part of it, is the main dining area

where chef Ken cooks up food that does change with the seasons.  He suggests you try the scallops.  During the summer there is 24 hour room service.  Friday nights

during the summer you can enjoy Jazz on the Veranda.  For drinks try the Iberian Lounge.  Hats off to Mr. Hershey who kept men working during the depression as

most companies were laying people off.  When you get to the second level be sure to toss a coin into the fountain.  I have on many occasions.

     Hersheypark is at most a mile away and a shuttle will take you there.  It will also take you to Zoo America.  It’s open year round.   It’s free with your park admission.   You might also consider a look at the Hershey Story.  It contains a history of the man and the town.  Maybe even a walk along Chocolate Avenue.    I will also recommend Chocolate World (no admission fee).  Inside are movies, rides and a very big retail area.

     By the way, there is a new roller coaster in the park, for those who like such rides.  I do not thank you.  I’m very happy with the monorail, merry go round and bumper cars.  

It’s called Laff Track and is under a dome.  I have lost count, but there are at least another 12 or 13 coasters in the park.  One popular area is the Water Park.  Perfect on one of those hot summer days or nights.    

     Okay, back to the hotel.  The high end room rate is about $359.00, lower rates can be found.  The best time for that is between October and April.  Packages are

available.  If you want to be pampered visit the Spa.  Numerous treatments, many with chocolate, are offered.  I also like the free parking.  For information on the entire area

go to or call 1-800-HERSHEY.

     One final fact, Milton Hershey was supposed to be on the Titanic, but made different plans at the last minute.  A good thing for him and the town.  He died in 1945.

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