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Jan 01, 2013 -- 12:00am





1-11 – Deathtrap – Everyman Theatre

1-19 – Inner Harbor Ice Rink Open

9 – Jeff Daniels – Rams Head on Stage

9-25 – Baltimore County Restaurant Week

14 – Dancing with the Stars – Lyric

14-Feb 8 – One Night in Miami – Center Stage

16 – Jane Fonda – Weinberg Center, Frederick

16-18 – Horse World Expo – Timonium Fairgrounds

17 – Lewis Black – Lyric

17 – Tribute to Pearl Jam  Rams Head Live

19 – Martin Luther King Parade – MLK Blvd & Eutaw

20-feb 1 – Annie - Hippodrome

22 – Jay Leno - Lyric

17-18 – Nautical & Wildlife Art Festival – Ocean City Conv Hall

21 – Tom Marr broadcasts live from Harry Browns in Annapolis

23-25 – World of Pets – Timonium Fairgrounds

23-25 – Jason Alexander – Meyerhoff

24 – Polar Bear Plunge – Sandy Point Pk

24-25 – Monster Jam – Verizon Center

25 – Marshall Tucker Band – Rams Head on Stage

29-Feb 1 – International Boat Show

29-30 – Mahler’s 3rd Symphony - Meyerhoff

30-Feb 1 – Shen Yun – Lyric

30 – Fleetwood Mac – Verizon Center

31-Feb 1 – Repticon – Timonium Fairgrounds


WCBM and WQLL at the Festival of Trees 2014










      Fall Movies
     It must be said, and has been said by people other than me, the summer was not a good season for movies.  Box office receipts were down from last summer.  Hollywood is hoping for an autumn rebound.  Early signs have been good.
     Let's begin with the Bill Murray comedy, and some moments not so funny, St. Vincent.  Believe me, on the surface he looks and acts nothing like a saint. But the new to the block kid next door thinks he is.  He has just moved in with his mom, played by Melisa McCarthy, in a subtle role. Murray gets to be a paid baby sitter and proceeds to take him to a bar and race track.   
     They develop an unlikely friendship.  Who wouldn't like someone who takes them to bars and to the track.  Well for one thing, his mom isn't crazy about it. The film works because of Murray.  I recommend it.
     Something far removed from a comedy is John Wick, with Keanu Reeves as the antihero, man of a few words, retired hit man.  He comes out of retirement when three thugs invade his house and kill his dog, a dog given to him by his deceased wife.  
     To be sure there is plenty of action, bullets, dead bodies and car stunts. It is not a subtle film.  Honestly, though some scenes bordered on the absurd, I did enjoy it.  I will say I do think this is a flick for guys.  Rated R.
     Now we're going to war with Brad Pitt in Fury.  Set in Germany during World War 2, Pitt is the commander of a five man crew in a tank called Fury.  They are sent on numerous missions.  So you can expect lots of gore.  I do think Pitt is a better actor than he gets credit for.  The budget was $80 million.  Rated R.
    Next up is a film where we might have Oscar bids when the time comes.  The film is The Judge with Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall.  Set in rural Indiana, Downey is a high priced Chicago lawyer who returns home when his mother dies.  His dad, the judge, was been accused of a serious crime so he decides to represent him.  It should be noted father and son haven't spoken in years.
    The film is heavy on dialogue, which isn't a bad thing.  It is a bit long, but it's good enough that you wont notice.  Rated R.
     Finally we have Gone Girl, with Ben Affleck with his best performance in years.  This is a tense thriller about a husband accused of murdering his wife.  Along the way there are numerous twists and turns to keep your attention.  I liked this one and it is doing well.  Also in the cast are Tyler Perry and Billy Bob Thornton, in his best performance in years.  Rated R.    




 Carmine's Atlantic City


       I hope you don’t think this is sneaky, but I do have to know for sure whether or not the smiles on servers faces in restaurants are real.  Here’s how I do it.  I walk around giving


out the appearance of being lost.  The idea is to see if anyone comes up to me to offer help.  I’m satisfied if I get one person to do so.  While dining recently at Carmine’s in the 


Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City I had three.  Okay I was convinced. 


    I was also convinced how good the food was when it arrived at my table.  I had what was perhaps the best linguini in red clam sauce I ever had, and trust me I have


dined in many Italian restaurants.  Like how about Little Italy here in Baltimore.  I also ordered a salad.  Big deal almost all restaurants have salads.  No my friend not like this one.


Again it ranked up there among the best salads ever.  Not sold?   Okay head up to Carmine’s and try one. Then give me a call.      


     Carmine’s offers what was described to me as southern Italian cuisine.  Personally I don’t care where it’s from, if it’s Italian I’m there.  Here is where you have to be careful what you order.  When they say this is family style dining do not compare this to what you might have in Lancaster.  How can I describe the portions.  I’ll keep it simple by using one word,


huge, very huge, extremely huge.  If you are at a table with six people you can easily get away with three or four entrees, unless the other five are sumo wrestlers.  That night there were two of us.  I had leftovers for two nights.   


     The restaurant opened in December 2004 and was a big hit in Atlantic City right away.  It is named after a jockey since the owner is a big fan of his accomplishments.  This is a big restaurant.  There’s seating for about 500 on two levels.  Most of the seating is done upstairs.  It appears as if the lower level is used for overflow dining and private parties, though the upstairs is also used for parties.  I do suggest you at least go downstairs and see how many people you can identify by their picture on the wall.   I didn’t do too well.


     The menus are on large wall boards and that too is fun selecting your meal that way.  You should know just about everything is prepared fresh.  They don’t have a pot of


spaghetti sitting on the burner waiting to be served.  Your order is prepared when you order it.  I got a tour of the kitchen and it is indeed  a madhouse back there and I


saw it when it wasn’t at its busiest.  I can imagine the activity on a Saturday night or holiday.   By the way, you can order smaller portions, but you have to know when.  You can


get them at the bar and at the tables until three.  That’s good information to have.  Of course you can order a full meal and carry out.


     The wait staff works as a team.  In other words, you might not necessarily get the same serving you throughout your visit.  Everyone pitches to make sure the diner gets the best


service they can provide.  For the diner that simply means you don’t have to look around the restaurant until you see the person who took your order.  Anyone can assist.  How


many times has that happened to you.  You  need something simple, say more ketchup, and you have to wait until your person appears.  Not at Carmine’s.


     Happy Hour is from 4 to 7 weekdays with taster items at the bar.  There are lunch and dinner specials (the same items).  Some of those specials could be fish, pasta, meat or


salads.   And yes there is a gluten free menu.  If you were the one ordering food, you have to order about 600 pounds of chicken breast per week, 200 pounds of garlic per week and about 600 to 800 pounds of cheese.  That is just a tad more than I get when I shop.  The menu stays basically the same year round. 


     Carmine’s is definitely casual and I do suggest you make reservations just about any time.  I was there on a winter Sunday night and by 7 the place, at least upstairs, was just


about full.  There are tv’s in the bar area so you wont miss any sporting event regardless of the season  But be advised this is New Jersey so you’ll probably be watching the Eagles and the Phillies.  Parties of 15 or more should go through the Special Events department.   


     As a final tip, there’s this – go in hungry.  If you’re going there for dinner have an early lunch.  When in The Tropicana go to the area known as The Quarter.  That’s where


you’ll find Carmine’s.  After your meal you can walk about 100 yards and gamble, or better yet, take a stroll on the boardwalk.   For  more information call 609-572-9300 or go to By the way, there are Carmine’s in Washington and New York.  I’m already looking forward to a visit.


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