A Tribute To Our Military

Sep 11, 2011 -- 8:46am


A Military Tribute


Now that I lay me down for some sleep

My family’s secure as I take a quick peek.


With all of my heart I must give my thanks

to all those in uniform - regardless of rank.


Each time that they’re seen my heart sure does swell,

They serve our great country and serve it so well!


Freedom’s not cheap, it sure isn’t free...

If it wasn't for them, then where would we be?


They give us their all, and do what they must,

with God they do live, and in God they do trust.


So as I lay down and rest my tired eyes

our freedom still rings, and our flag - it still flies!


Safe is my family, my country, my home,

Because of our Military it must surely be known!


My very last prayer in the deep of the night:

"God bless them & keep them strong for their fight."



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