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From Kenneth M :

This why in my opinion mayor Blake should be removed from office .it is in my opinion she was using this crisis to advance her political career ,instead of serving and protecting the people of Baltimore. Between her stupid comments she made to the media ,and having no plan to keep the protester's safe on Saturday night ,fueled the riots on Monday. If the city council doesn't have the authority to remove mayor Blake who does? Who is in charge of check and balance in Baltimore? It is mayor Blake responsibly to serve and protect ,and in my opinion she failed. How about the reports that the mayor refuse to answer the Governor phone calls? Why didn't the Mayor call the Governor and make a plan for Saturday night? State of emergency should have been declared on Saturday afternoon. State and local police should have been in full riot mode .the Mayor should have made a statement we are not here to interfere with your protest ,we are here to protect life and property. If the rioters saw force in place on Saturday night ,we would in my opinion seen the violence that took place on Monday. That's why I believe this mayor should be removed from office ,for being a grave danger to public safety .if six cop's are being charged because people said they weren't doing their job's ,then shouldn't Mayor Blake be removed from office for not doing her job?Patricia, your opinions HAVE been heard, at leat here on WCBM.  We appreciate your input.

More From Kenneth M:

I lived in Baltimore I grew up in Baltimore I disagree when the Governor said this was Baltimore problem. The federal government created this problem back in the 60s through section 8 programs. Back then to qualified for section 8 you just needed to be poor ,the government didn't care about a person background .well I seen one neighborhood after another in Baltimore being ruined by section 8 .I seen a neighborhood that was once a thriving neighborhood now in ruin's because of welfare and section 8 .now the program is different ,but the damage to Baltimore have all ready been done. I grew up in the 500 block of N streeper st . I remember growing up you can leave you're scream door open during the night ,now you can't even walk down the street in that same neighborhood durning the day.its government welfare that destroyed Baltimore. Not you're every day working class people.

A final missive from Kenneth M:

Some where down the line we must hold our politicians accountable when they do wrong ,in this case mayor Blake in my opinion should be held responsible for the violence that took place.

My response:  Ken, your have identified exactly what is wrong with the system.  SRB needs to be tried in a court or law regarding her lack of leadership during the recent civil unrest, rioting and looting.  It took Gov. Hogan to intervene, activate the National Guard to preserve the peace, and accept the officers from out of state to surpress the thugs, "yes I said thugs".  These sub-human a&&holes need to have their heads knocked together, either from a parent or a billy club from a cop.  In the not to distant past, a cop on the street was THE LAW.  He had discrecion to apply the law as written or to disregard minor infractions.  Today, we are a nation that stands on the EXACT letter of the law,with no exeptions.  A sad day when a police officer has to rely on a ton of law books rather than take appropriate action given the circumstances.

Steve Smith



Pat, thanks for writing.  Rush will be the first to acknowledge he's an entertainer (who has a microphone and is the top listened-to radio talk show host in the country) -- see http://www.talkers.com/heavy-hundred/

Our own Tom Marr is also in the top heavy-hundred, as well as Hannity, Levin, Savage & Norry, and we are proud to carry each one (and others) in our line-up.
I encourage you to call in to Tom Marr, 9am-Noon, on 410-922-6680 to express your opinion regarding 'heat without light'. 
Luckily, unlike communist countries such as Russia with a single state-run outlet, here in America we have various choices for our information gathering, from print to TV broadcast to radio and social media such as our Facebook page.  Stop by our FB page and express your opinion:  https://www.facebook.com/WCBM680
And as you can see, I never delete or ignore comments received.  This entire conversation WILL be posted under "Rants and Raves" because we believe in freedom of opinion, pro or con.
As you float around your dial and have heard the rest, come back to the best...  WCBM. 
Steve Smith
for WCBM, WCBM.COM & WCBM Facebook
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, May 12, 2014 1:37 PM
Subject: Rants & Raves
I am  a Rush listener......not fan.  He is an entertainer, and your station does not offer anyone of substance to enlighten/inform the public.  It's all heat with no light.
If that is what you chose to be doing in the public arena,  than let me say, you are succeeding,  on lowering the bar on an informed electorate.  My e-mails to Rush are never responded to as they are from NPR personalities.  He only responds to those who think the same way he does.  No room for any other opinion to be considered.  
Just thought you might like to hear from an avid 'news' junkie, who is trying to listen to all sides and make up my own mind, but find your station so 'unbalanced' that it is impossible to listen to it for more than 5 minutes a day.
I am sure you do not care a wit what I think and will probably just delete this message......fine, at least it makes me feel better to put it out there.
Pat Ranney,  NPR fan
Millersville, Md.






Sent: Wednesday, February 05, 2014 7:40 PM
Subject: Rants & Raves
The morning shows are really out of date and should be replaced. Frank Luber is a very senior person who loves to promote reading advertisements, especially those dealing with sexual items. I re-tune the app whenever he starts to speak. If he is not reading a script, he falters, stammers and simply falls flat.
I would recommend replacing the entire morning crew with something more relevant, vibrant and current as these guys are far too old to keep up, especially Luber.
Response by Sean Casey,
Program Director & Morning Show Co-Host:
"It never ceases to amaze me how brave the "haters" are who won't contact us personally to express their criticisms. The intolerant left once again shows their true colors by resorting to ageism. WCBM does not live off the taxpayers and government grants as certain radio darlings of the left do. We rely on our advertisers to support the station and our format.  

While Frank Luber is certainly capable of defending himself, I value his years of broadcast experience and am proud that he is my broadcast partner of 21 years.
We must be doing something right as Sean and Frank and WCBM remain one of the top-rated  shows and radio stations in Baltimore.  Every day we talk about the relevant, vibrant and current topics from a conservative perspective.  I suspect that some lliberal listeners would rather see us silenced than engage on the arena of spirited debate."
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2013 8:57 PM
Subject: Rants & Raves
nothing wrong with having all teachers in all school armed. I am 76 years old and when I was in school years ago all my teachers was armed. example how many people insane or not go into a police station and start shooing none. they will never go into a place where other people are armed and start shooting.
I'm right with you on the armed teachers, Gene. Even if certain teachers choose NOT to carry, the potential for protection is there because of those that WILL carry. And as to the Principal, I would push for every single one to be required to be armed as a part of their job description.
And you're absolutely right about police stations not being targeted... even a deranged madman has some sense of self preservation, at least until he accomplishes his goal of a certain number of people killed before he takes his own life or is willing to 'go out in a blaze of glory' when the cops finally show up.
Thanks for your comments, they will be posted under 'Rants & Raves' for others to review and respond to if they so choose.
Steve Smith for

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