Sean and Frank

8/15/14: Actress Janine Turner joins S&F to discuss the struggles of being a conservative woman in Hollywood. Her new book "A Little Bit Vulnerable" comes out on September 30, 2014.


8/14/13: Regis Giles, creater of the website,  joins S&F to talk about the importance of the second amendment. 


8/12/14: The president  of, David Beisel, joins S&F to discuss the growing crisis on the southern border.


8/8/14: Dr. Tim Robinson joins S&F to discuss his plans about running for senate.


8/6/14: Congressman Todd Akin joins S&F to talk about his new book "Firing Back"


8/1/14: Dustin Crawford, a sailer on the USS Fort McHenry, talks with S&F about 200th anniversary of  the star spangled banner.


7/31/14: Raquel Minka joins S&F to talk about the "Stand With Israel Rally" facebook page she created.


7/30/14: Ellen Sauerbrey joins S&F to discuss the growing number of illegal immigrants crossing the border



Famed conservative author, columnist & poltical analyst Pat Buchanan joins the morning show to discuss his new book on how Richard NIxon united the GOP during a time of turmoil and confusion and how it could help conservatives today. 




S&F discuss the border crisis with Shawn Moran, spokesman for the National Border Council who says the first thing to do is deport all illegal aliens processed at the border.



S&F talk with Katie Kieffer about her new book, "Let Me Be Clear"...about how Obama seduced and duped millenials and will they fall for it again.



S&F interview Ret. 4 star General Jack Keane about pink slips to commanding officers in Afghanistan and the latest developments in the middle east.



S&F talk with Ed Klein aboout his new book, "Blood Feud" now a New York Times #1 bestseller. The Clintons have started firing back at Klein saying he's "despicable...pathological liar...and there's a special place in hell for him".



7/11/14: Congressman Jim Bridenstine joins S&F to discuss the border crisis



7/11/14: Zack Taylor joins S&F to discuss the border crisis



7/3/14: Don Mann joins S&F to discuss his books




S&F interview Live Action's Lila Rose about her expose on Planned Parent Hood




Dinesh D'Souza talks with S&F about his latest book and movie, "America: Imagine a World Without Her"



Steve Moore, editor of the WSJ joins S&F to discuss his new book




6/27/14: Carrie Severino, cheif counsel and policy director to the judicial crisis network, joins S&F




6/25/14: Ed Klein author of The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House joins S&F




6/25/14: GOP Nominee for Governor Larry Hogan joins S&F the morning after the primary


6/12/14: Cleta Mitchell, attorney for True the Vote, talks with Sean about the recent story that the IRS handed over a confidential taxpayer database toi the FBI in violation of law.

Mitchell says that this is a crime and also calls the DOJ corrupt. 




Dr. Peter Breggin discusses his book, "Medication Madness" and how psychotropic drugs and anti-depressants are linked to mass shooting by young males and the side-effects which can lead to deadly results.

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Former Blind Sheik prosecutor Andrew McCarthy talks with S&F about his new book, "Faithless Execution" and the possible impeachment of Barack Obama.

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The former CBS reporter, Sheryl Attkinson, joins S&F to talk about her new report regarding Government experimentation on prematuire infants.

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Former UN Ambassador John Bolton discusses the Berghdahl swap, nuclear talks with Iran, Susan Rice's comment about lethal weapons to Syria.

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5/22/14: Dr. Ben Carson returns to the Morning Show to discuss his new book "One Nation" and his future political plans




5/21/14: Margaret Byfield, whose family won the biggest court battle for property rights in the last 20 years, weighs in on the battle



5/20/14: Angelo Codevilla, Professor Emeritus of International Relations at Boston University, joins S&F to discuss his new book



5/19/14: Frank & guest host, Dan Bongino, interview Dr. Tim Ball on "The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Change"



Jim Porter, the new President of the NRA, stopped by S&F to talk about his new strategy for the organization & the mid-term elections

Former 2nd Lady, Lynne Cheney, joins S&F to discuss her new biography of James Madison

Col. Allen West joins the Morning Show to discuss his new book, "Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin's Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom"  


5/9/14: S&F talk with Rep. Steve King discusses Mark Zuckerberg's personal attacks on him via Facebook

5/5/14: Former Senator & Presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, joins S&F to discuss his new book! Listen here:


4/25/14: Mike Rowe, former Baltimorean and of "Dirty Jobs" fame, joins S&F to discuss his new show on CNN, his national PR campaign to bring back the American value of hard work and his upcoming appearance this weekend at the U.S. Science & Engineering Festival in Washington D.C.




4/18/14: Lt. Col. Jay DeLancy, President of Voter Integrity Project of NC, joins S&F to discuss the recent findings of outrageeous voter fraud in North Carolina



3/18/14: Col. Allen West joins S&F to discuss his mission to get answers in the Benghazi scandal. Listen here:


3/14/14: Attorney Jeffrey Pritzker, GOP candidate for Attorney General of MD joins S&F

3/13/14: Actor Robert Wagner joins S&F to discuss his new book, recalling the old Hollywood lifestyle, "You Must Remember This". Listen here:


3/12/14: S&F talk with Tracey Halvorsen,  President of Fastspot and author of the viral blog post "Baltimore City: You're Breaking My Heart"  Listen here

To read her original post, click here



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