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4/18/14: Lt. Col. Jay DeLancy, President of Voter Integrity Project of NC, joins S&F to discuss the recent findings of outrageeous voter fraud in North Carolina


3/18/14: Col. Allen West joins S&F to discuss his mission to get answers in the Benghazi scandal. Listen here:


3/14/14: Attorney Jeffrey Pritzker, GOP candidate for Attorney General of MD joins S&F

3/13/14: Actor Robert Wagner joins S&F to discuss his new book, recalling the old Hollywood lifestyle, "You Must Remember This". Listen here:


3/12/14: S&F talk with Tracey Halvorsen,  President of Fastspot and author of the viral blog post "Baltimore City: You're Breaking My Heart"  Listen here

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Sean and Frank Interview Republican Congressman Tom Rice from South Carolina on President Obama's Overeach of Executive Orders

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