'Remarkable' That Dem Leaders Got Keystone Vote for Landrieu 'Only to Pull Rug From Under Her'

With Executive Amnesty Looming, WH Stands by Obama Claim That He’s Not an Emperor

REPULSIVE: Two Women Flip Out Causing Mayhem in McDonald's After Missing Breakfast

St. Louis Stores See 300% Increase in Gun Sales in Run-Up to Grand Jury Decision

FAA to Regulate US Domestic Drone Users


Obama Caught in Gruber Lie! Footage Reveals Obama Knew All About Gruber

Fmr. Obama WH Official: Jonathan Gruber Was ‘The Man’ Putting Obamacare Together

CNN Flubs: “Deadly Attack On Jerusalem Mosque”

Christian Woman Takes A Stand During Muslim Prayers at National Cathedral

Robber Picks the WRONG House!


Obama Calls the Architect of Obamacare 'Some Advisor Who Never Worked on Our Staff'

SMOKING GUN! Gruber Admits Obama Was in Room During Planning of Cadillac Lie

Democrats Loved Jonathan Gruber Before They Forgot Who He Was


CNBC Told Journalist to Quit Negative Obamacare Reports – She Was “Disrespecting Office of President”


The Outright Lies of Nancy Pelosi on Jonathan Gruber

CBS Evening News: 'Embarrassed Democrats' Trying to 'Turn Gruber into a Stranger'

Watch Obama Make the Case Against Executive Amnesty

Krauthammer: Obama Executive Amnesty is 'Impeachable Offense'

Watch This Guy Sit Perfectly Still as an AK-47 is Shot at His Face


White House Blames GOP After Videos Reveal Obama Admin Lied to Public About ObamaCare

CBS: Gruber Obamacare Comments 'Stirring More Controversy Than Ever'

Obama Blames His Problems on Messaging

Islamic State Terrorists Posing As Refugees Being Smuggled Into Western Countries

Biden: Middle Class Label Not a Compliment in DC, ‘It Means You’re Not Sophisticated’


The Worst of Jonathan Gruber: The Truth Behind the ObamaCare Lies

Unreal: Veterans Forced to Hold Ceremony at Burger King after School Cancels Event over 21-Gun Salute

Missouri State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal: I was More Afraid of Police in Ferguson Than in Baghdad, Iraq

Turkish Muslim Youths Ambush & Assault US Soldiers in Istanbul

Gallup Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Want GOP Congress to Set Country's Agenda, Not Obama


Happy Veterans Day 2014



Obamacare Architect: ‘Stupidity of American Voter’ Was ‘Critical’ to Passing Obamacare

New Yorker Editor: 2016 Dem Candidates 'A Pathetic Scene'

North Korean Military Trains By Smashing Bricks Over Their Heads

Psaki: 'Israel Could Have Done More To Prevent Civilian Casualties'

Scott Walker Hints at WH Run: 'Governors Make Much Better Presidents'


GOP Questions NAACP for Not Acknowledging Tim Scott and Mia Love in Their Election Statement

Reporters In Disbelief At W.H. Spin On Election Results

Reporter Gives Detroit Squatter Rude Awakening

Halperin: Hillary Clinton The 2016 "Loser" From Election Night

Why the Democrats Lost, Explained in Less Than Three Minutes


Michael Savage: Joni Ernst is My New Hero

CNN: Hillary Running as Obama's Third Term 'Not an Easy Thing to Do'

Obama Gets Exasperated With Question About Working With Republicans

Medal of Honor Winner Opens the 2014 Marine Corps Marathon by Skydiving

AFTERBURNER: Bill Whittle Explains His Top 5 Conservative Principles


Governor-Elect Larry Hogan Victory Speech

Tim Scott First Black Man To Enter Senate By Public Election

West Virginia Elects Its First Female Senator, Republican Shelley Moore Capito

MIA LOVE WINS IN UTAH - First Female African-American Republican in Congress

Conservative Joni Ernst Wins, First Woman to Represent Iowa in US Senate


Obama Refused To Rescue American Hostages Who Were Then Beheaded

Chuck Todd: 'The Democratic Party is No Longer the Party of Obama'

CNN Calls Two Democratic Ads Most Shocking, Most Dishonest of 2014

Scott Brown Delivers Compelling Closing Statement

Democrat James ClyBurn Says People Hate Obama “Because of His Skin Color”


Obama Speaks To Half-Empty Arena On Election Eve

Flashback: Sen. Shaheen Praises Hillary for Her “Leadership on Benghazi”

Dem Sen. Ben Cardin Says Democrats Are "Proud" Of Their Race Baiting Trayvon Martin Ads Targeting Republican Candidates

Islamic State Fighters Discuss ‘Buying and Selling’ Yezidi Girls as Slaves

UK Islamist: 'I Want To See Every Single Woman In This Country Covered From Head To Toe'


Obama Jokes About Voter Fraud: “You Can Only Vote Once. This Isn’t, Chicago"

Ferguson Protesters Attack 'B*tch' Police - Spit in "Cracker" Cop's Face

Democrats Degrade Women

Mary Landrieu Thinks She and Obama Are Unpopular In Louisiana Because The State Is Racist And Sexist

Whole Sections of Empty Seats at Hillary Clinton Event for Anthony Brown


Video Appears To Capture Votes Being Switched From Republican To Democrat In Illinois

Caught on Tape: Husband of Democrat Senator Taking Down Republican Campaign Signs

Get Rid of ObamaCare - Vote Republican

CBS: Obama Official's 'Disparaging Avian Adjective Drove US/Israeli Relations to a New Low'

Hillary Clinton Keeps Repeating Parts of Her Speeches


Black Community Members DESTROY Obama, Democrats and Black Leadership

Gov't Expert: You Can Contract Ebola By Sitting Next to Infected Person on Bus

Obama Administration to Ship Ebola Victims to US at a Cost of $300,000 Per Patient

Sarah Palin Warns Libs .. "I'm Gonna Bug The Crap Out Of Them" and Hints at Future Run

NASA Rocket Explodes After Takeoff


DEATH THREATS: Chicago Black Pastor Forced to HIDE FAMILY After Supporting Republican for Governor

Obama Admin: Palestinians Who Throw Molotov Cocktails at Israelis Are Not Terrorists

Awful. Senator Shaheen Jokes About Obama's Open Southern Border

Dr. Samati: We've Had 230 Doctors Die From Ebola in Africa -- Don't Know Why

Elbert Guillory DESTROYS Kay Hagan in Epic New Ad


50 Years Later: Reagan’s ‘A Time for Choosing’ Speech

82 Yr Old Grandmother Voting Straight Republican; Tired of Democrats

Thugs in Ferguson Attack White Motorist

Hillary Clinton: "Don’t Let Anybody Tell You It’s Corporations and Businesses Create Jobs”

Bob Woodward On IRS Scandal: 'There Are Lots Of Unanswered Questions'


NYC Hatchet Attacker's Facebook Page Featured Islamic Warrior

Audience Laughs At NY Dems Absurd War On Women Attack

DNC Chair Can’t Name One Senate Race Where Obama Has Campaigned

Dr. Craig Spencer Took A-Train, L-Train and High-Line - Went Bowling

Colorado Democrat Getting Ready for the Upcoming 'Erection'


Democrats Just Can't Tell the Truth on Anything

Leftist Shep Smith On Ottawa: ‘We Must Not Overreact’ When Terror Attacks Happen

CNN: Iowa Early Vote Data Shows Unprecedented Republican Numbers

Al Sharpton on Ottawa Shooting: What’s The Latest In Iowa?

Man Jumps White House Fence and Beats Up Secret Service Dog


Raw Footage of Shots Fired Inside Canadian Parliament

Audience Laughs At Jeanne Shaheen’s Failure To Answer If She Approves Of Obama

Liberal Senator Kay Hagan SKIPS Debate

Veteran Threatened with Eviction Over Therapeutic Dog

Krauthammer on Dems Running away from Obama: “This is a Total Humiliation for Him”


Obama Cast Early Vote...Election Judge Breaks the Law Telling Him to 'Vote Democrat


CAUGHT ON TAPE: Dem Operative Stuffs Ballot Box in Arizona (Video)

LOL: 'Shake It Off'......The Obama Version

54 Times Obama's Had to Say Ebola

Dem Candidate Admits Obamacare Drove Up Her Healthcare Costs


Landrieu Assures Louisiana Voters Her $2.5 Million DC Home Isn’t A ‘Mansion’

Obama Makes Women Feel ‘Unsafe’

Poll: 64% Say Things In America Are Completely ‘Out of Control’

NIH Official: Democrats Wrong To Blame Budget Cuts For Lack Ebola Vaccine

Krauthammer: Obama’s New “Ebola Czar” who Knows Nothing about Ebola is a Total Publicity Stunt

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'Remarkable' That Dem Leaders Got Keystone Vote for Landrieu 'Only to Pull Rug From Under Her'

With Executive Amnesty Looming, WH Stands by Obama Claim That He’s Not an Emperor

REPULSIVE: Two Women Flip Out Causing Mayhem in McDonald's After Missing Breakfast

St. Louis Stores See 300% Increase in Gun Sales in Run-Up to Grand Jury Decision

FAA to Regulate US Domestic Drone Users

Mom Outraged at Son’s HS Propaganda: 'Most Muslims Faith is Stronger' Than Christians?